The Band


Mike Kirchner (left) plays banjo and rhythm guitar, and is a lead vocal and backup singer for Acoustic Turnpike.  He has previously played with a number of bluegrass and contemporary worship bands in Maryland and Delaware.  Mike is very active promoting youth involvement with bluegrass and traditional music.  Creating a vision for a new bluegrass project in 2011, Mike formed this dynamic team and provides steerage for the group.  Mike works in the medical device industry providing chemistry and engineering support in Elkton. MD.

Bob McEvoy, (2nd from left) our emcee and strong lead vocalist, is a displaced Midwesterner, having an eclectic musical ear.  He played steel guitar as a youth.  Then, picking up the Resonator Guitar (Dobro®) some 10 years ago, he has never turned back.  Bob has played with a number of bluegrass-oriented bands since then.  Formerly a salesman from the food industry, Bob now travels with his wife, Sally, throughout the USA playing music and is an investment manger during “semi” retirement.

Barb Wood (2nd from right) keeps Acoustic Turnpike speeding steadily along on the Bass Fiddle.  A native of Syracuse, NY, she started out playing piano and percussion. Barb later formed the musical group, “The Lactones,” while in graduate school with other polymer chemists.   In 1985, she moved to Delaware and continues to work as a Research Associate.  Barb has played for other bluegrass and old-time bands.  She and her husband, Steve Broitman, routinely host guitar workshops and house concerts by well known artists at their home in Centerville, DE.

Ed Bonghi, (right) from Pennsylvania, is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist on guitar, mandolin and bass.  Ed’s picking can be heard with several local bands and at local jams covering bluegrass to jazz styles.  His distinct “high lonesome” voice adds traditional flavor to Acoustic Turnpike.  With his large repertoire of music, he brings many great songs to the band.  Ed is a certified therapist for a crisis consultant service.